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1. The artwork in every category in the art competition must be original and made by the artist.

2. It is not allowed to copy other artists' work or make it using commercial molds, kits, plans, patterns, numbers, prefabricated forms, or other commercial methods. Multimedia is accepted and encouraged.

3. Artists shall submit only one artwork per category.

4. Artists or family members must be present at the reception date when the awards will be announced. 

5. All images submitted for the competition should be JPEG or JPEG200 in high-quality resolution. If you cannot submit your image with your entry form, don't hesitate to contact the MCAF organizers. 

6. Artists who decide to sell their artwork are responsible for collecting and reporting sales and award taxes. 

7. Participants can only remove their artwork after the end of the three exhibitions. 

8. The procedures for the Art Competition are:

  • Exhibition in one business in downtown Rochester, MN

  • Exhibition at Galery 24 (award winners)

  • Exhibition at 125Life

9. All art will be returned to G24. Please collect your artwork as soon as possible. After 40 days, it will be considered abandoned art and property of MCAF. Please be diligent in retrieving your artwork.

10. A wire on the back is essential for hanging. G24, as well as 125Live, uses large hucks that only wires can fit.

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