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Med City Art Festival is a (501(c)3) non-profit organization that relies on contributions from individuals, agencies, and foundations to support the development of our programs with exhibitions, outreach programs, and festivals.



Med City Art Festival is a cross-cultural art festival that aims to inform and educate our attendees with a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences that engage, excite, and inspire them. MACF provides a space to showcase artists' original work across multiple platforms.



Bring people together to cultivate an atmosphere where passion drives business and opens minds.



MCAF has two main goals. One is to allow emerging and professional artists to address their artists' expression, exposure, and revenue needs and provide them with the space and context to do it. The other is to provide the public with accessibility to different expressions of art and culture.



Art is everywhere...but only a few can see it, and even fewer can transform what we see into a representation of it.  We believe anyone can express themselves on diverse art platforms by teaching people to see art and develop their skills.

Art is our passion. It enriches life and feeds the soul.



Med City Art Festival allows emerging artists to experiment within the public domain.
MCAF encourages professional artists to pursue their creativity and individuality by being a vendor, performing, or ATs (art teachers) in our free annual festival.

Support our volunteers in their work and provide a unique experience for the public.


VALUES: (Board approved in 12/10/21)

Our values are a statement of our core beliefs and MCAF culture. We choose four words that best describe our values, who we are, and the tools and circumstances we face and see the world around us. These values embody a cluster of qualities that can be expressed in various ways (please refer to our Code of Ethics and Conduct* for more insights into our organization’s culture).



We maintain and strengthen the trust of our customers (donors, agencies, sponsors, partners, vendors, artists, and the community).
Elements that guide and straighten our integrity: dependability, loyalty, honesty, respect, and good judgment.



We value the intentional inclusion of everyone in our community. We make a great effort to dismantle systemic, institutional, and historical barriers based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other identities so they no longer determine the outcomes.

Elements that guide and straighten our equity: identify and interrupt exclusionary bias; focus on the impact and talent of actions and decisions, not the intent. Take personal and organizational responsibility for creating a culture where people of different identities and experiences belong and can thrive.



Our efforts are to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Elements that guide and straighten our excellence: forward-thinking, focusing on opportunities versus problems, paying attention to detail, producing high-quality work, and continuously developing and applying knowledge and new skills.


We take personal responsibility at all levels of our organization.
Elements that guide and straighten our accountability: always raising our standards, staying focused on the result, even when challenges occur, and communicating expectations and priorities consistently and clearly.


Seven of our Executive Board are artists; one is an educator, another an accountant, and a housewife volunteer.
Our volunteers come from RCI-Mayo High School, RCTC interns, and temporary volunteers from all ages and backgrounds.


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