September 10th, 2022

This schedule is subjected to changes

10 am                   Open to the public

10 am -4:30 pm  String Sculpture (10am-10pm)

11 am                   Theatre of 

Noon                     Mexican Dance

Noon to 2:30       Have fun with Color Pencils (Free to any age)                                             G-24 Booth

1:30 pm                        Theatre Sketch

1- 2 pm                 Painting with G-24 artists 
                              G-24 Booth

1-4:30 pm             
Watercolor for beginners

2-4:30 pm             Plein Air Competition ($10 - Winner takes all)
                               MCAF Booth

2:30 pm                 Native Americans Drums

3-4 pm                   Monoprint (all ages)
                               ($2 for K-5 and $5 6 grades up)
                               MCAF Booth

3-3:30pm             Abstract Paint Off ($10 - winner takes all)
                              MCAF Booth

4:30-5pm             African Music

6 pm                    Music 

6 pm                    Not yet booked

7:30 pm               Not yet booked

9 pm                     Not yet booked

                                                                                             This program may be  subject to changes