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Art Competitions and Information



We are closed for submition / Art Competition 2022

Reception and Awards at G24

October 7th 



        Exhibition of the artwork from all professional categories will be in downtown Rochester business. From August 19th to September 29th.

        Following the Awards and exhibition at G-24 art gallery for a month. 

End of Jury process on September 30th

         Notification will be send via email and FaceBook announcements on the october 7th  after the reception.

Reception with the financial awards for winners on Friday october 7th, from 5:30 to 8pm at G-24. 



Competition Categories

All works from K-12 grades as well as adult amateur:

We'll accept all media and mixed-media. We also accept works that incorporate more than one type of physical material in their production, as long as is an original artwork executed by the artist


K-5 grades

Award Art Supply

Entry fee free

6-8 grades

Award Art Supply

Entry fee $5

Young Artist (amateurs grades 9-12)

Any media in a 2D surface.

Award $100

Entry free $20

Amateur Adults 

Any media on 2D surface.

Award $100

Entry fee $20

Professional Photography 

The print should be in any flat surface. It must be the artist’s original work.

Award $250

Entry fee $30


Any media on a 2D surface

Original creation of a still life, portrait, landscape, figurative, wildlife, abstract or other image on a flat surface with watercolors, oil, acrylic, gouache, paint sticks, collage, encaustic or others. We'll also accept mix-media

Award $250

Entry fee $30


Click here to register​


Jury Process:



The panel of Juries are 7 locals chosen by invitation. They are drawn from a pool of gallery owners, professional artists and Rochester community members. Submitted images will be displayed along with your brief description of your work, with no mane attached. All images in a particular category are previewed; scoring takes place during a second, in-depth viewing. Jurors individually score each entry on a scale from one to five. The 3 highest composite scores in each category are invited to be in a downtown business exhibition. The first prizes in each category will receive the financial award on the reception at G-24 art gallery. 

You'll be invited to exhibit your art at G-24 for a month and then at 125Live for another month. After that your art will return to be picked up at G-24. You'll have 2 weeks to pick up your art

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