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MCAF Requirements:

Saturday, September 10th, 2022 


Vending areas will be open for set-up from 7:00-10:00 a.m. Set up time 8 a.m. Booth shall be ready to the public 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. before the night activities starts. 

All vendors shall bring their contract and ST-19 to give them to the organizers in case it was not send previously by email. 



  • The majority of each piece must be of handmade components. Any commercially produced parts must play a subordinate role and may not be sold separately. MCAF don’t allowed manufacture craft, each piece must be craft by the artist.


  • Artist shall provide a good balance between original artwork,  limited edition prints and cards.


  • Joint applicants must both contribute to the creation of the work in the exhibit.


  • Artists must be present in the booth throughout the official hours of the Festival. Exceptions to the policy may be made only in case of unusual circumstances and are at the discretion of the Med City Art Festival executive board of directors. 

  • Upon request RCI volunteers members are going to be available for short breaks throughout the day.


  • Single booth tent size is 10’ X 10’. No part of exhibit can extend past the imaginary line 12’ from all sides of the booth spaces. Booth appearance is an important concern. Good presentation helps stimulate sales. Each vendor will received a number correspondent to theirs place set with chalk on the floor. Do not block emergency access in anytime. Do not setup until you have checked in and confirmed your space at the MCAF Booth. Please be prepared for various weather conditions, remember to bring your booth’s weights in case of winds. Please be prepared to adapt to your assigned space. Requests for tables and chairs are limited and will be filled in the order they are received. We will do our best to fulfill your requests. Intentional damage to and/or destruction of Downtown property and plantings is strictly forbidden.


  • Electric is provided in limited areas. All electrical needs must be requested by email with the Volt service required. Vendors shall bring their own extension cords. Electricity is limited and on a first-come first-serve basis. 


  • Exhibitors are responsible for delivering orders in a timely fashion.


  • All artists and theirs artwork are subjected to be photograph for publicity purpose.


  • Although the Festival will provide security, exhibitors are responsible for any loss, theft or damage to their work and/or personal property while setting up, participating in, and taking down their work and display materials during the festival.



  • Cancellations must be in writing. All fees are NOT refundable.



  • Each exhibitor must comply with all festival policies and procedures as well as city, state and federal laws. Med City Art Festival reserves the right to make determination on any of the above policies and procedures.


  • All exhibitors must comply with Minnesota statutes by having a MN tax ID number and an Operator Certificate of Compliance (ST-19) for 2022 on file with the Med City Art Festival administrators. You may register by phone for a Sales Tax Permit by calling 651-282-5225 or fax completed forms to 651-556-5155 or go to For ST-19, go to the website, click on Forms and Instructions, page down to the bottom of the alphabetical list to ST-19. Call 1-800-829-4933 if you need a Federal Tax ID Number.




Thank you for considering Med City Arty Festival in Rochester, Minnesota as part of your 2022 festival schedule. It is our goal to make this event an enjoyable and rewarding show for all involved!

Med City Art Festival is a nonprofit event that count with generous sponsors like SEMAC, Mayo Clinic, DNC and RDA. Funds, which keeps artistic community thieving. Downtown location its a prime location in Rochester that allowed everyone visitors and residents to enjoy this wonderful city. We are eager to have you join us and will do everything to make the 4th Annual Med City Art Festival  a success.


Food Vendors

After sign up the form to became a vendor please contact Med City Art Festival, Ivete Martinez at

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