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1. All work in every category must be an original artwork produced by the artist.


2. Work which has been copied from other artists or produced with commercial molds, kits, plans, patterns, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods is not permitted.


3. Artists should only exhibit and/or sell artwork in the category for which they apply.


4. Artists or immediate family members must be present to exhibit. Visitors expect to meet the artist at the reception at G24.


5. Artists who decide to sell their artwork are responsible for collecting and reporting their own sales tax and must have a Minnesota State Tax ID Number. The Minnesota ST-19 Certificate of Sales Tax Compliance form must be sent to the Festival organizers.


6. No early tear downs. Artists who begin to tear down before the Festival ends at 5 pm on Friday 18th may not be invited to return. 


7. Artists or family members must be present at their booth for the entirety of the Festival. If you are alone in your booth, volunteers members will take care of your booth for food and toilet breaks as requested.


8. All images submitted for the competition should be JPEG or JPEG200 in high quality resolution. If you cannot submit your image with your entry form please contact the MCAF organizers. 

9. If you are competing in our Prize Art Competition, you'll be invited to exhibit your art at G-24 for a month and then at 125Live for another month. After that your art will return to be picked up at G-24. You'll have 2 weeks to pick up your art. We are short of storage spaces at the gallery and they have the policy of "after 3 month the artwork is considered -abandoned and G-24 claim ownership of the art work. 

10. Sellling your artwork is optional

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