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Local Artist at Berkman Hotel 

Berkman Hotel Night Image.png
Berkman Project 

April 1st to September 30th 


3rd Floor/ Hall areas


Big photograph, size: 32 X 36” or bigger 

Bhotograph, size: 12 X 16” (framed or not)

Equal frames (white frame; brown frame;
black frame it doesn’t matter, as long as they have the same frames) 

Size: 9 X 12”

Photographies in metal boards, Size: 9 X 12”



4th Floor/ Hall areas

Representational or Surrealistic paintings (any media)

Paintings, Size: 24 X 30” (frame)

Paintings with Size: 32 X 36” or bigger (no frame)

Sets of 4. Size: 11 X 14” with same frame 

Sets of 4. Size: 12 X 16” without frame but professionally finished on the sides of the canvas. 


5th Floor/ Hall areas

Abstract (all medias)

Abstract paintings, size: 24 X 30” (no frame, professionally finished on the sides of the canvas)

Sets of 2. Size: 11 X 14” (no frame, professionally finished)

Sets of 2. Size: 11 X 14” (same frame)

Long paintings, size: 28 X 42” (no frame, professionally finished)



6th Floor/ Hall areas


Mix-media. Size: 28 X 32” (no frame)

Mix-media. Size: 24 X 30”  (frame)

Sets of 3. Size: 11 X 14” (no frame, professional finished)

Sets of 3. Size: 12 X 16” (same frames)

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